Tandoori Chicken With Ice Cream? This Bizarre Food Combo Leaves Internet In Shock

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes among non-vegetarians. The combination of tender, juicy chicken and aromatic masalas is quite irresistible. People love this dish so much that you’ll often find them getting creative with it by trying different food pairings. From tandoori chicken pizza to tandoori chicken momos and more – we have tried pairing this hearty dish with almost everything. It is also used to make burgers and tacos. However, a recent video that has been doing the rounds on the internet shows a man creating tandoori chicken ice cream. The video has left many food enthusiasts disappointed.

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A video of this unusual ice cream creation was shared on Twitter by @MFuturewala. In the clip, a man places chopped tandoori chicken on top of an ice-cream platform, followed by some milk, and mixes it all together. He then adds chocolate chips and sauce and continues to mix. The mixture is rolled and served in a cup with additional chocolate sauce on top. The caption of the post reads, “I found a great way to cool off in the summer. Here’s a protein-rich tandoori chicken ice cream recipe for everyone to enjoy.” Check out the full video here:

The video soon took Twitter by storm with people reacting to it strongly. Since being shared, it has received over 7K views so far, and the numbers are only increasing. Chicken and ice cream lovers both were quite disappointed with this bizarre food combination. One person wrote, “Oh, come on! Not the chicken ya! No wonder people are suffering more from allergies these days!”

Another comment read, “Aye haye, koi baksh do (Oh my, someone please forgive me).”

A third person wrote, “How do you combine these two? Strange indeed!”

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Here’s how other people reacted to this bizarre food combo:

If given a choice, would you want to try this tandoori chicken ice cream? Do let us know in the comments below.

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