Temjen Imna Shares Video Of Popular Naga Dish, Says “Reminded Me Of My Moms Dish”

Indian food is famous worldwide for its diverse range of cuisines. Whether it’s Kashmiri Rogan josh or Thalassery biryani, these classic dishes never fail to satisfy our taste buds. People love to experiment with new recipes or try food from different parts of the country, and even showcase it on social media. It seems that even Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along leaves no opportunity to share food-related content on his social media. He recently shared a video of a special Naga delicacy from his home state, and it looks absolutely delicious.

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Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along shared a video of the popular Naga dish, smoked pork with taro leaves, on Twitter. The video, credited to ‘Naga Food Tribe’, shows the dish being prepared and prompted nostalgia for the minister. “Ah! Fermented taro leaves with smoked pork. This reminded me of my mom’s dish. Missing home,” he tweeted. This dish is a staple in Naga households and is typically served with rice. Take a look at his tweet here:

His tweet quickly gained attention on the internet, amassing over 116.5K views, 203 retweets, and several comments. Internet users were impressed by the dish and expressed a desire to try it. One person wrote, “Wow, wonderful dish, mouthwatering.” Another user suggested “You should open a Naga restaurant in Delhi.” “It’s looking tasty, sir,” wrote a user. A fourth person wrote, “It’s really yummy will come soon.” “Looks delicious. What do you eat it with?” enquired another. 

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This is not the first time that Temjen Imna Along has shared food-related content on social media. In a recent tweet, he shared a recipe for Hansuli, a special curry from his home state. The dish is prepared using boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and fermented fish. Temjen Imna invited his followers to try the recipe by saying, “Do note the recipe.” You can read all about it here.

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