The Bizarre Combination Of Cornetto Ice Cream And Paratha Leaves Twitter In Frenzy

Soft and fluffy, paratha is a North Indian dish that holds a constant place in our hearts. From aloo paratha to paneer paratha, there are so many variations and versions of this treat. You can make it with different stuffings or even enjoy a delicious plain one; there are no hard and fast rules to enjoy a paratha. However, recently a bizarre dish shared on Twitter has not gone down well with internet users. A Twitter user shared a video of the making of a cornetto ice cream paratha. Yes, you heard it right! A woman has created a bizarre paratha made with cornetto ice cream, and the video has left foodies aghast.

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The clip was shared on Twitter by the user @MFuturewala. In the video of the cornetto ice cream paratha, the woman first evenly rolls out the paratha. She then places the cornetto ice cream on it and cuts the paratha from the centre, allowing her to wrap the entire ice cream in the paratha dough. Once done, she flattens the dough and shapes it into a paratha again along with the ice cream crumblings. She then places it on a heated tawa and applies some ghee on top to cook it properly. “Aloo, gobhi, paneer paratha hua purana, ab aaya hai cornetto ice cream paratha ka zamana (Aloo, gobi, and paneer paratha are old news, now it’s the era of cornetto ice cream paratha)” read the caption of the post. Take a look:

Internet users couldn’t help but react to the bizarre cornetto ice cream paratha. Since the time it was posted, it has raked in over 33.5K views so far. One user wrote, “Kis gunah ki sazaa hai ye (What is the punishment for this sin)?” Another person commented, “That cone is already like paratha. What are they doing?” “Why did it show up in my timeline,” said another.

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Here’s how other people reacted to the bizarre dish:

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