“The Missing Laddu”: Doctors Efforts Recognised With Sweet Gesture By Patients Family

It is rightly said, ‘social media is an extension of our real life, not a replacement’. Every day, we read various posts on different platforms, featuring people’s thoughts, experiences and landmark moments. Amidst all, some leave a strong impression on our minds and lives. We recently came across one such post where a doctor, who goes by the name ‘TheLiverDoc’ on Twitter, shared a memorable incident he experienced with a patient named Paul. According to the doctor, he was treating Paul for over 15 years for his alcohol addiction. Despite all the efforts, Paul suffered from severe alcohol-related hepatitis and eventually passed away. But what left the doctor wonder-struck was a gesture by Paul’s wife, three months after his death.
The post on Twitter read, on Paul’s birth anniversary, his wife visited the doctor once again and gifted him a packet with three laddus in it – one from her and two from Paul’s daughters. According to the post, the gift was because “I never stigmatized her or Paul. I did not make her look like a failure. I never blamed her or Paul for his disease. I never shouted at Paul for his behaviour”.
While it was a heartfelt gesture, what ‘TheLiverDoc’ could only think was about the fourth missing laddu. “The one I never received from Paul, because he died,” he added, with an advice for people to never consume alcohol. “I don’t advise alcohol in moderation. I don’t, because I have post-traumatic stress disorder from seeing families get shattered into a million little pieces due to alcohol,” he stated.

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The story of the doctor and his patient Paul touched millions of people on the internet. The post went all over social media, garnering 852.7k views, 6845 likes and hundreds of retweets and comments
“Next time I would try to see patients and relatives in a different way. Thanks a lot for sharing your perspective,” commented a fellow doctor.

Another comment read, “This is so heart-warming. Thanks for sharing. Alcoholism is a global scourge. Your writings should reach globally. Will see if such posts of yours can be translated to Arabic. I live in Dubai.”

“Wish people read and stick to your message in the last six lines! Alcohol is a curse!” a third comment read.

Another doctor commented, “Wonderfully narrated. I feel your pain. It’s not easy to write like this without heartfelt compassion. Congratulations.”

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