These 5 Different Ways To Use Tahini Will Enhance The Taste Of Your Food

Tahini (or tahina) is a condiment that is made from ground-hulled sesame seeds. It is a staple sesame paste mostly used in Middle Eastern dishes. Many people prefer using toasted sesame seeds to prepare tahini. This scrumptious paste has a unique nutty flavour and earthy aroma of sesame seeds. That’s not all, it is also good for health because sesame seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Those who use tahini only for hummus will be amazed to know that this creamy paste can be added to many other dishes to enhance their flavour. Find out how you can use tahini in different ways.

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Here Are 5 Different Ways You Can Use Tahini:

1. Mix It With Salad

Salads taste better when you add sauces and seasonings to them. So why not give your bland bowl of salad a nutty and creamy flavour? Just add half a cup of tahini to a bowl. Now add half a cup of olive oil and two spoons of lemon juice to prepare this tasty salad dressing. Now generously drizzle it over the salad and give it a good mix before you eat. 


Drizzle tahini on fresh salad.

2. Spread It On Bread

Prepare a healthy breakfast toast with tahini. Yes, this dip goes perfectly with bread. Toast 2 slices of bread. In a bowl, prepare the special spread by adding four spoons of tahini and three big spoons of honey. Sprinkle some pepper and mix the ingredients. Now apply it to the bread and enjoy your sweet tahini toast.

3. Make Baba Ganoush Dip

For those who don’t know what baba ganoush is – it is a Middle Eastern eggplant dip that is served with pita bread. Adding tahini to baba ganoush will make it creamier and enhance its taste. To make this, roast one eggplant in an oven until it’s soft. Now mash the eggplant in a bowl and add crushed garlic pods, one spoon of lemon juice, salt, pepper and two to three generous spoons of tahini. Mix it well and your baba ganoush dip will be ready.

baba ganoush

Have tasty eggplant and tahini dip with bread.

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4. Apply On Wraps And Rolls

We all love juicy wraps with vegetables and meat filling. But it would be even better to give it a creamy texture with the tahini dip. Here’s how you can use this tasty dip in your delicious wraps. Combine two spoons of tahini with one spool of olive oil. Mx it nicely and spread it on the wrap sheet. Now layer the wrap with your choice of vegetables and meats and it’s good to eat.

5. Drizzle It On Falafal

What’s better than having crispy falafels with smooth tahini? This is the best way to make a scrumptious meal for yourself. Just thin out the tahini by adding a few spoons of warm water and fresh lemon juice. Make a runny dressing and drizzle it generously on the hot falafals.

Hope you liked our idea of using tahini in different ways. Do share your opinion in the comment section below.

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