This Chai GPT Stall Is Trending For All The Right Reasons

Is there anything more comforting than a cup of tea? Be it long drives, train journeys or a romantic date, tea works everywhere. Just the aroma of the brewing tea leaves emanating from a roadside tea stall is enough for one to take a break and enjoy a cup with some snacks. In India, the streets are dotted with tea stalls and shops where we all love to sip hot cuppas. While the taste, method and price of tea remain more or less the same, some shops still manage to stand out due to other reasons. Recently, a picture went viral of a tea shop, which has been given an artificial intelligence (AI) twist. No, the shop doesn’t make use of machine learning to serve tea but its name is what has caught everyone’s attention. The shop has been named “Chai GPT”.

In a photo, shared on Twitter, a tea shop is seen with a board that reads, “Chai GPT, Genuinely Pure Tea”.

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“Silicon Valley: we have the best start-up ideas. Indian tea shops: hold my tea,” the caption read.

Of course, the photo gained a lot of traction on the Internet.

“Chai GPT plugins: chaipatti, adrak, milk,” a person joked.

Another said, “Don’t know!!! but this could be the next “chaat GPT” lol”.

“There must already be a chat GPT somewhere serving chat and pani puri already,” a comment read.

“ch’AI’ maybe?” a user wrote.

“Full form bhi mast (The full form is also fun),” a person reacted.

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A user pointed out, “He is selling franchises also. My God!”

Another person wrote, “Genuinely pure”.

Earlier, Zomato and Google India shared the recipe for a cup of “Internet-safe tea”. The video was aimed at creating awareness about cyber security and the need to have strong passwords. 

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