This Coriander-Mango Chutney Recipe Is Tangy And Flavourful – Try It Today

Summers, for us, scream mangoes. Touted as the king of fruits, mangoes are juicy, sweet and an absolutely divine indulgence. The market is flooded with a number of varieties like Alphonso, Dashehari, Langra, Chaunsa, Kesar, and Totapuri among others. The sweet taste of mangoes is packed with a subtle tang, which makes the entire experience worthwhile. Not to forget the health benefits they bring in. From lowering cholesterol to aiding digestion and protecting the body against heat strokes, mangoes bring a host of health benefits to the table. In Indian households, mangoes are consumed in more than one way. While some prefer relishing this fruit after their meals as a sweet treat, others tend to mix them up with milk and prepare a tall glass of shake. People also infuse this glorious fruit in various desserts and savoury dishes. And, green coriander chutney definitely takes the top spot on the list. 

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mango chutney

Raw mango, coriander and peanuts come together to make this wholesome chutney. Photo: iStock

You must have seen your mothers and granny adding raw mango to the green chutney, right? Well, that is indeed one secret ingredient. Today, we have got you a recipe from the cookbooks of chef Meghna, who has given a “not so aam twist” to the regular coriander chutney. 

“Dhaniya ki chutney with no so aam twist. Bringing 2 of my favourite ingredients raw mango and coriander together to make this chatakedaar chutney. Enjoy,” read the caption of her post. 

Step 1: In a mixer, grind 1 tsp jeera, 2 tbsp raw peanuts, a large clove of garlic, some chopped ginger, and green chillies. 

Step 2: Now add 1 chopped raw mango, and a big bunch of washed coriander leaves in the mixer. Sprinkle salt as per your taste, and also throw in an ice cube so that chutney stays green.

Step 3: Give it a good churn in the mixer, and voila your green coriander mango chutney is ready! 

Watch the video by chef Meghna here:

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You can relish the chutney with your regular meals as well as serve them along with your evening snacks. What did you think of this coriander-mango chutney recipe? Tell us in the comments.

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