This Yummy Makhana Dosa Can Help You Lose Weight – Easy Recipe Inside

There are many reasons people love dosa. Firstly, it can be combined with a wide range of chutneys or just good old sambar to make a wholesome meal. Secondly, there are many ways of making dosa itself – from experimenting with the batter to playing around with fillings. Best of all, dosa in its original style is full of health benefits. Typically, dosa batter is made using urad dal and rice. But we have found an interesting recipe that uses makhana (lotus seeds or fox nuts) to make dosas. Not only is this dosa loaded with nutrients, but it is also delicious and light on the system. This particular version could especially help those wanting to shed those extra kilos. Find out more below.
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How Makhana Dosa Can Help With Weight Loss:


Weight Loss Diet: Makhana is a superfood that can be consumed in a variety of ways. Photo Credit: Pixabay

This dosa is made using 4 unique ingredients: makhana, sooji (rava/ semolina), poha and curd. As usual, salt and water are added to the batter. Each of these ingredients can contribute to your weight loss goals as well as overall health:

  • Makhana is low in calories while being high in protein and fibre. It helps you stay satiated for longer and hence curb cravings. It is also gluten-free and low in sodium, fat and cholesterol.
  • Makhana has a low glycemic index. It may be recommended for those with diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, along with curbing weight gain, it can do a lot more!
  • Poha is another low-cal, high-fibre ingredient that you must include in your diet. According to dietitian Manpreet Kalra, “Poha can help regulate blood glucose levels because it is a good source of complex carbohydrates, B complex vitamins and important minerals.”
  • Curd is high in protein and has probiotic properties that boost metabolism as well as gut health. Thus, it can help balance your system and aid in weight loss.
  • Semolina is rich in iron and contains healthy carbohydrates. It can give you a sustained energy boost.

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Is Rava (Semolina) Good For Weight Loss?

As you may know, rava or sooji is made using wheat. Hence, people may question how much this ingredient can help in weight loss. According to nutritionist Rupali Dutta, you should opt for semolina made using whole wheat rather than refined flour. This will give you more nutrients and health advantages. It is also advisable to pair semolina with protein-rich ingredients for maximum benefits. Click here to know more.

Now that you’ve realised just how good this dosa is for you, here’s how to prepare it:

How To Make Makhana Dosa At Home | Quick And Easy Makhana Dosa Recipe


You can also add chopped veggies or masala of your choice on top of your makhana dosa.

In a bowl, mix roasted makhana, poha flakes, rava, curds, water and salt. Allow the mixture to rest for some time before blending it to form a smooth paste. You can add more water as required. Whisk the batter in a bowl and add fruit salt if you wish to make the dosas extra fluffy. Grease a heated tava with oil and ladle 1-2 spoons of the batter onto it. Make a round shape and cook the dosa on both sides. Enjoy hot with chutney of choice

Click here for the full recipe for Makhana Dosa

Try making this tasty dosa soon and let us know how you like it!
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