Twitter Salutes This Coconut Seller With QR Code For His “Organic” Approach

Digital payments have made money management as well as transactions hassle-free. From fine-dine restaurants to local grocery stores, “QR code kaha hai” is the first question on our minds. In case you are wondering what has got us talking about digital payments on a regular Monday, allow us to clear the air. A Twitter user, RK Misra, shared a picture of himself buying a coconut from a vendor. Mr Misra, who is co-chairman of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a non-governmental trade association in Karnataka was on his bicycle, while the coconut seller was on his scooter. The thing that attracted our attention was the QR code. Alongside the snap, Mr Misra wrote, “Coconut Man with QR Code. India Forward.” Take a  look:

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Reacting to the post, several users termed it “pretty common” as “almost all roadside coconut vendors accept UPI” in Bhubaneswar as well as in Mysore. “Lovely,” another said. 

One of the individuals on the microblogging site called the coconut seller’s approach “organic.” “Coconuts, Cycling and QR code-based payments! Signs of a sustainable, low footprint yet equitable future of India,” he added.

People also shared their experiences where they didn’t find digital payments at “big franchises like KFC as well as at petrol banks.” “Whereas at big franchises like KFC and at some petrol banks they are not accepting it as they don’t want to pay taxes for all the legit payments,” read the tweet.

Another pointed out how taxi drivers are also reluctant to take payment online.

A few stated that they were still “not sure how digital money is the way forward.” 

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