Twitter User Says Indian Food Is “Insanely Good,” Elon Musk Agrees

It is being recognised all over the world that nothing can beat Indian food when it comes to flavours and richness. You pick any random Indian dish and it is likely to be loaded with a slew of spices that can prompt anyone to ask for more. What’s best about Indian food is that it has options for all. Vegetarians may enjoy the creamy kadhai paneer while non-vegetarians can gorge on some butter chicken with naan. No matter what you have, your soul will be definitely satisfied. And it’s not just we who are saying this, but also billionaire Elon Musk who thinks the same about Indian food.

Elon Musk recently responded to a Twitter user who shared a drool-worthy picture of an Indian feast. In the picture, we could see a plate full of butter chicken, some butter naan, and plain rice along with a bottle of beer. Basically, everything you need to make a meal wholesome.

“I love basic b***h Indian food it’s so insanely good,” the caption read.

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The post not only caused our mouths to water but drew a response from Elon Musk. Agreeing with the Twitter user, the Tesla CEO wrote, “True”.

Soon, other users too reacted to the post.

“If I had to eat the same thing every day it would be Dal Bhat with chicken. Already done it for two months,” a person said.

“Butter Chicken with nan and jasmine rice, nothing better,” a comment read.

It seems butter chicken has quite a fan base around the world.

“I love some good butter chicken plus garlic naan,” a user wrote.

Another person said, “Any butter chicken?  & naan bread. I love butter chicken. That’s it. The rest is too spicy.”

“Butter chicken with garlic naan that’s like a heaven combo for most of them,” a comment read.

So, what is your favourite Indian dish? Tell us in the comments. 

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