Uorfi Javed Alleges Restaurant Refused Her Entry Over “Fashion Choices”

Celebrity Uorfi Javed is constantly in the news for her unique sartorial sense. She owns her style without caring for detractors. But when a Mumbai restaurant denied entry to her, it did not go down well with her. In a video doing the rounds on Instagram. Uorfi Javed can be seen asking for a table at the restaurant. But the person at the reception informs her that there is no table available as Zomato Gold Carnival was going on. Uorfi Javed alleged that the restaurant denied her entry due to her attire and called the manager “Uorfi Javed Hater.” The manager requested Uorfi Javed to book a table on the Zomato app and told her that she even might get a 50 percent discount.

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Uorfi Javed had also posted about this encounter on her Instagram stories and blamed the restaurant for treating her differently. She also tagged Zomato in the post. She wrote: “Is this really 21st century Mumbai?! I was denied entry at a restaurant today. It’s okay if you don’t agree with my fashion choices. It’s NOT to treat me differently for it. And if you are, admit it! Don’t give some lame excuses. Please look into it. @Zomato #mumbai.”

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This post reminded us of an incident (which was not a marketing activity) when a restaurant in Delhi did not let a woman customer enter because she was wearing ethnic attire. The restaurant reportedly allowed only smart casuals. Read about it here.

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