Victoria And David Beckham Watch As Daughter Makes Pizza From Scratch. Did She Fail Or Pass?

She is only 11 but trying to make pizza from scratch like a pro. Meet the “new chef” in town Harper Beckham, daughter of the power couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Harper and her friend attempted to make pizza in a restaurant called Miami Slice Pizza, and the journey was captured by mother Victoria Beckham. She posted a few pictures and videos of Harper kneading a large dough for the pizza base. She wrote, “@miamiclipizza got a new chef.” Making pizza base in a restaurant at such a young age… it’s pretty impressive.

Take a look:


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Victoria Beckham posted another picture of Harper posing with her accomplice, and wrote, “Girls making dinner.” And the girls’ hands were white-washed with flour!

Here’s the picture:


The next step is stretching and rolling the dough sheet. Victoria Beckham posted a short clip in which David Beckham can be heard saying, “Harper, pick up your pizza” and Victoria Beckham exclaimed, “That is a big pizza.”

But cooking fails to happen all the time, even with the best of cooks. When Harper was stretching the large sheet of rolled dough, she accidentally tore it from the middle. Comparing her imperfect cooking skills to that of her daughter’s, Victoria wrote in the caption of the video, “And guess what… she cooks like me!”


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Looks like the Beckham family loves pizza and prefers to make it from scratch. Not too long ago, Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest child of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, also attempted to make a homemade pizza with tomato sauce, mushrooms, cheese and spinach as toppings. But reports suggest that not everyone was convinced by the end result.

Now this reminds us of another epic kitchen fail, this time by David Beckham. He was cooking a pancake and flung it high in the air to flip it. What happened next? Click here to watch.

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