Viral Bournvita Video Removed After Cadbury Sends Legal Notice To Influencer

Cadbury’s Bournvita was in the news after a social media influencer criticised its endorsement as a “health drink” in a now-deleted viral video. Revant Himatsingka, known as ‘Food Pharmer’ on Instagram, criticised the brand’s “nutritional value” claims and derided the claims made on its packaging. Himatsingka’s video received over 12 million views on his Instagram page alone, with former cricketer and MP Kirti Azad, and actors R Madhavan and Paresh Rawal even supporting the video on Twitter.

Cadbury reportedly responded by issuing a statement saying Bournvita contains ingredients approved for use, and all its ingredients are declared on the packaging. On 13 April, Himatsingka received a legal notice from the company and subsequently removed the video, posting an apology to Bournvita on Instagram.

Take a look:

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“I apologise to Cadbury for making the video. I did not plan or intend to infringe any trademark or defame any company nor do I have the interest or resources to participate in any court cases and I request MNCs to not take this forward legally,” he wrote in his post.

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The incident raises concerns about food packaging and marketing, particularly when it comes to health claims. In the caption for the video that has since been deleted, Himatsingka raised an important question, “Should the government permit companies to dishonestly market their products?” Click here to read the full report on his video.


With obesity and diabetes rates increasing worldwide, the accuracy of food labelling and advertising is an issue that will likely continue to garner public attention.

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