Viral Hack Shows How To Carry Multiple Drinks In A Cup Holder – Watch Video

A drink is always a good idea, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Whether you’re grabbing a smoothie on the go or taking a break with a soda, drinks have always been great companions. Whether you enjoy it in the evening or early morning, a drink always manages to give you a dose of refreshment. When it comes to getting drinks from a nearby shop, you may have noticed that they often give you the beverage in a cardboard holder. While many of us think that such holders can carry a maximum of three to four drinks, a recent video has come to light that might change your mind.

The video, which was uploaded on Twitter, shows a cardboard cup holder carrying four drinks. In the video, a person brings another cup even when there is no space left in the holder. However, they proceed to grab the handle and unfold a part of it, making room for another cup. The caption of the video reads, “I was today years old when…” Take a look:

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Since being shared, the video has amassed over 9 million views on the micro-blogging platform. “Now show us how to carry it,” a user wrote.

“Man, how I’m barely finding this out,” a comment read.

“Now watch me stumble and spill all of them,” a user said.

Another user wrote, “I’ve literally never even seen that cardboard thing before”.

A user suggested, “While I know of this trick, I suggest you don’t do this with every brand, test out the holder and its material some are made thin and will rip with only 2-3 beverages”.

Another person asked, “Okay, how will you pick that up?”

“Except now you have to balance carrying it as opposed to a handle. And I wouldn’t be shocked if it rips and all the drinks end up on the floor,” a comment read.

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