Viral Hack Shows How To Pour Juice Without Spilling, “Sorcery” Says Internet

We love discovering new life hacks on social media. We often come across viral videos that show us ingeniously simple tricks that promise to make our lives much easier. While some seem too good to be true, others have proven to be really useful. A few days back, an Instagram reel showing how to vacuum seal foods without a sealer went viral (Read the full story here). Before that, a video explaining a unique way to cut pineapple garnered more than 20M views (Check it out here). Recently, another reel has captured the interest of many Instagram users. The hack showed an interesting way to transfer liquids like juices from mugs to bottles.
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The video was shared on the Instagram page @countryhomes.charm. In it, only two objects are visible. A half-empty juice bottle and a mug filled with an orangish liquid that seems to be some kind of juice. A person clutches the handle of the mug and lifts the spout to the mouth of the bottle as if to start transferring the juice into it. They then set it down and make a gesture to indicate that this is not the right way to pour it. But that is how most of us would have poured it, isn’t it? Then what method are they suggesting? Check out the video below.

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So simple yet clever, right? As you saw, the person simply turned the mug around, put the handle of the mug inside the bottle and then deftly poured the juice from this (opposite) end! The reel has received 96.9K views so far. “Did you know this is how you are supposed to pour?! How did we never know this?! Are you shocked?” – said the caption. In the comments, Insta users were left mindblown by the hack. Check out some of their reactions below.

“How many people’s eyes lit up and jaw dropped?”
“No way, where have I been?”
“What the magic?!!”‘
“OH MY GAWD! I’m too stupid to have never figured that out!! thank u!”
“I’m 51, 3 months & 1 day old.”
“Shut the front door!”
“This is why I love smart people.”
“This is pure witchcraft.”
“Then what is the spout for?!?!”

What did you think of this viral hack?
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