Viral: Instagram Creator Fries Stack Of More Than 20 Cheese Slices, “No Thanks” Says Internet

Viral food videos always capture our attention. Whether they are about bizarre food combos or lesser-known street foods, we always have fun discovering them on social media. Sometimes they stun us by the excessive use of a certain ingredient. For instance, a few days back a video of a man cooking a paratha “swimming” in ghee grabbed many eyeballs online (Read full story here). We are also no strangers to foods being overloaded with cheese. But a recent Instagram reel seems to have taken this to the next level. It shows a reddish block made entirely of cheese slices! Find out more below.
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The video was shared by an Instagram creator @zachchoi. In it, we first see 2 different kinds of cheese slices – one white and one yellow – being stacked on top of each other. We tried counting, and there were more than 20 slices. A kind of slurry or batter is poured over the entire stack. It is then coated in some sort of reddish crumb, that may be spiced. The cheese ‘cube’ thus formed is deep fried. The person cuts it open to show the stripes inside before seemingly tasting his creation. “Would you eat this?” he asks, in the caption. Check out the video below:

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The reel has received 17.5M views so far. In the comments, some people answered “yes” – they would like to try such a dish. But many were far from convinced by the idea. “Next time coat the cheese with more cheese,” said one sarcastic comment. “No thanks. I love my life.” replied one user. Read the reactions below:

“Heart be like: if you won’t stop I’ll stop.”
“I would probably eat it if it wasn’t so thick and if the cheese was melted.”
“I think he didn’t add enough cheese.”
“Stop frying everything please.”
“It’s not even melted bruh.”
“I really feel guilty for enjoying these videos in spite of knowing that those recipes might cause me a heart attack if I dare to eat them.”
“Bro is running outta groceries.”
“Shortcut for heaven.”

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.
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