Viral: Man Cooks Paratha “Swimming” In Ghee, “Ticket To Heaven” Jokes Internet

We love bingeing on food and binge-watching food videos. As we scroll through our feeds, we find all kinds of videos showing innovative recipes, bizarre food combos, unique regional traditions and much more. Social media also give us a glimpse into how street food is made in different corners of the country (and the world). Recently, we came across one such viral video that left us stunned. The Instagram reel shows an Indian street food vendor cooking a huge paratha with a lot of ghee. So much ghee was used that users couldn’t help but raise questions (and make jokes) regarding what would happen after eating such a dish.
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The Instagram reel was shared by a video creator @officialsahihai. In it, we first see the man adding ghee straight from a packet on top of a paratha. He then flips it over so that it melts and it almost looks like the paratha is ‘swimming’ in a pool of ghee. He continues to cook the paratha on both sides. Before cutting it up, he tilts the tawa to drain the remaining ghee into another vessel. “Swimming Pool wale Dilkhush Parathe,” says the caption. Check out the full video below.

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The reel has received 2.3M views so far. In the comments, Instagram users did not find the dish very tempting. Many of them were amazed by how liberally the vendor used the ghee. Some even joked that the person was actually selling ghee and that paratha was just like a side dish here. Read some of their reactions below:
“First bite will feel like heaven… Second bite will take you to heaven.”
“Bhayia 1 kg ghee dena prantha maarke.”
“Dilkhush nahi Dil-ruk parathe.”
“Arteries be like “bus itna hi safar tha mera”.”
“That was customer’s “Aakhri Khawish”…”
“Heartbeat-stopper parantha.”
“Puri or paratha, bana kya rahe ho bhai Sahab?”
“Ticket to Heaven directly.”
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What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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