Viral Now: This AI-Generated Beer Commercial May Shock You

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a field of interest in the recent past. The capabilities of AI in various fields are not just written in theory but are also being demonstrated in real life. From writing cover letters for college admission to making music; if you can think it, AI can do it or so it seems. However, the quality of the AI-generated content is indeed dubitable. Take for instance this new beer commercial generated through AI software. This bizarre advertisement has gone viral and how. Take a look:

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A London-based production company, called Private Island, decided to experiment with AI and create something of their own – a beer commercial without actors. On April 24, they shared a video titled ‘Synthetic Summer’ which was made without any real people used in its making. Directed by Chris Boyle and produced by Helen Power, this video is attempted to be used as a marketing campaign for a fictitious beer brand. “No real people are featured in this video. You can’t fight the future – but you can probably drink it,” reads the caption to the video that has raked in over 34k views.
In the beer commercial video, we could see a house party setup with people talking and enjoying pints of chilled beer. People are posing and laughing and the blue beer cans seem prominent throughout the commercial. At first, the AI-generated video seems to be quite normal. But take a closer look and you would see that some of the details are quite distorted. Faces are skewed in proportion and the way that people are talking seems unnatural. The entire AI-generated video seems scary and truly the stuff of nightmares!
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A number of internet users shared their reactions to the AI-generated beer commercial video. “That sideways fire tornado had me rolling,” said one user while another wrote, “Is it a horror movie trailer?” Another questioned, “What app or program does this,” another chimed in, “Luckily the are some obvious glitches that tell us this is not real!”
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