Viral: This Cafe In Denmark Has Left Anand Mahindra Impressed – Find Out Why

The Internet never fails to make us smile due to unexpected reasons. Thanks to the power of social media, we get an inside glimpse into small corners of the world. What we discover can make us think and laugh as well! A recent Tweet by Anand Mahindra made us do just that. In the Tweet, the industrialist posted a picture of a cafe in Denmark openly advertising itself as a “Husband Day Care Centre.” Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? But what was the rationale behind such a sign board and why was Mahindra left impressed? Seems like the people behind the cafe really thought things through…
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In the picture, the entire signboard is visible. The text on it reads: “Need time for yourself? Need time to relax? Want to go shopping? Leave your husband with us! We look after him for you! You only pay for his drinks!” The cafe’s Instagram handle is also mentioned. In the caption, Mahindra wrote, “Innovation is not just creating new products. It’s also about creating entirely new use cases for an existing product category! Brilliant.” Check it out here:

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The tweet has received 223.9K views so far. Many users were amused by the idea. Some were impressed by the ingenuity of such a label. Others made a few jokes and witty comments. “It’s win-win for both husband and wife,” wrote one Twitter user. Another said, “Ha ha.. what innovative marketing, sir.” Check out some of the reactions below.

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