Viral Video: Actor Turns Old Rice Pack Into Stunning Hand Bag. Uorfi Javed Wants To “Steal It”

What do you do with those large rice packets after emptying them? Throw them, of course. But after watching this video, you might start saving them to repurpose them. An actor used her creativity to turn an old rice packet into a handbag! And if you’ll see the end result, you just can’t tell it is a recycled food bag. This innovation has amused not just us but the internet as well. The viral video has even grabbed the attention of celebrity Uorfi Javed who also loves to recycle old products to produce fashion items. 

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Actor Shweta Mahadik, who also calls herself a digital content creator and “Crazy DIY Lady” on her Instagram profile, posted the video of her unique creation. She had an old rice bag in a “stunning electric blue colour.” She cut out a few blue-coloured strips of the same size from the packet, pasted them together in the shape of a bag and stitched it all together. She even sew a similar colour zip on top of the bag and attached a bright gold chain on the ends. “Upcycled bag from old rice bag,” she captioned the video.

Take a look: 

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With over 4 million views, the viral video seems to have impressed the viewers, including Uorfi Javed. She commented, “Stealing it.” 
Actor Urmila wrote, “Is there anything you can’t create?”
Actor Ankita Sharma exclaimed, “It’s rocking.”
Other comments include:
“‘Rice’ to the occasion.”
“It looks so stylish.”
“You should be given the world’s most Environment-Friendly Artist Award.”
 “If u keep posting such things, our husbands won’t buy us anything.”
“Uorfi contacting you in 3…2….1.”
“Rice bags stocks” (Rising graph image)
“Just awesome! Have many rice bags, will absolutely try this.”
“Recycling companies are after you.”
“I thought you’ll make rice out of the bag!!” 

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Shweta Mahadik keeps recycling old stuff and creating fun products. Once she turned plain grocery bags into designer ones. And one time, she made her own “juice goggles”.

Take a look:

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