Viral Video: Egg Used In Making Of Caramel Popcorn Has Confused Foodies

Whenever we are thinking of what to make, the internet serves up some kind of new and innovative inspiration. Foodies and home chefs often come up with their own interesting dishes that are not just interesting to watch, but also to make. Recently, we came across one such video showing the making of caramel popcorn. It was quite intriguing to watch the entire process from the first step. But, all of us had a common doubt that was left unanswered – the presence of an egg in the pan throughout the video. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video was shared on Twitter by a user called @Bornakang and was originally made by a creator called @myjanebrain. Posted on April 25, the video has already raked in 9.1 million views and 103k likes. In the clip, we could see a non-stick shallow frying pan with an egg kept in it. Two cubes of butter were molten in the pan, along with dozens of caramel candies. Once the caramel melted into syrup, corn kernels were added to the pan to pop them into popcorn. Throughout the entire process, the egg stayed as it was and did not disintegrate or change into anything else.
A number of users shared their reactions to this bizarre video. “I hate everything about this,” said one user while another wrote, “This is NOT how you make caramel popcorn!” Others said that this video was just to garner attention, and it actually worked. Others felt that the egg actually served a purpose that was quite scientific in nature.
Take a look at the reactions:

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There are so many different ways of making caramel popcorn the right way. We have a quick and easy recipe for caramel bread popcorn that you can try on your next movie night. This does not require the use of any egg and can be made easily at home. Click here for the recipe.

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