Viral Video: Food Blogger Tries Kashmiri Falooda At Dal Lake, Shows How It Is Made

Eating cold foods in cold weather has its own charm. And if it’s a delicious icy dessert, it’s even better. A vacation in hilly areas always includes a stroll with ice cream. Probably that’s why falooda is a popular dessert in Kashmir. We all love kulfi falooda – a combo of kulfi, rabdi and vermicelli. A food blogger has now introduced us to unique Kashmiri falooda. He visited Dal Lake in Kashmir and tried special Kashmiri falooda dessert from a local street food vendor. He shared the video of the experience on his Instagram handle ‘foodpandits’. 

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The stall is named ‘Kashmiri falooda’ and it is located next to Dal Lake. The vendor shared that Kashmiri falooda is very popular in the region and he has been running the falooda stall for 15-20 years. Have you ever seen Kashmiri falooda? Here’s your chance. 

Watch the viral video of Kashmiri falooda:

The vendor first puts two scoops of ice cream in a plastic glass, then adds vermicelli (also called laccha and seviyaan) and again adds two scoops of falooda-flavoured ice cream. He tops it with thick condensed milk, rose syrup, dried fruits, chocolate syrup and some colourful sprinklers.  
The video went viral with 2.5 million views and almost 170 K likes. But it got mixed reactions from the viewers. Some of them really liked seeing this falooda. The left comments like:

“Wow super yummy. Kolkata.”
“Looks yummy.”
“Aap ki ice cream hamne khaye thi 2015 me bahut bahut tasty hai.” (We had this ice cream in 2015. It’s very very tasty.)

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But some viewers did not like the idea of the dessert and some even found faults with its preparation:

“There’s no such thing as Kashmiri falooda.”
“Rabdi kaha hai.” (Where is rabdi?)
“Isme Kashmir ka kya special hai. Ye same toh Delhi mei hur jagh milta hai.” (What’s so special about it from Kashmir? The same thing is available in Delhi also.)
“Sabza seeds are missing… and lots of topping.”
“I don’t criticise food but what the heck was that??? Doesn’t look appetising at all.”

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One user even mocked the recent trend of street food vendors making fusion dishes and commented: “Aap 2 items bhul gye 1. Cheese 2. Mayonnaise.” (You forgot two items – cheese and mayonnaise.)

Are you aware of Kashmiri falooda? Have you ever tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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