Viral Video: Internet In Disbelief Over Maggi Dosa Invention: “Why Are You Torturing Us?”

There is no dearth of creativity online, especially in terms of food and recipes. Home chefs and bloggers come up with all sorts of strange creations combining different dishes from various cuisines. They also invent their own concoctions in their kitchen which may or may not go down well with internet users. Recently, one such creation left internet users confused. A blogger named Tanvi Gor created a bizarre maggi dosa. No, it was not dosa filled with a maggi filling but rather dosa made by finely grinding maggi to a powder. Take a look at this bizarre recipe video here:

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The video was originally shared by Tanvi Gor on her Instagram handle @golus_kitchen_by_tanvigor. Then, popular comedian Vividh, also known as @thekurtaguy, reacted to the video and his clip too went viral. It received over 226k views and 36k likes in a short span of time.
In the clip, Vividh showed us how the blogger made a dosa batter by combining rava or sooji with maggi noodles. The raw maggi noodles were then ground to a fine powder and then converted into a batter. Maggi masala was sprinkled on top of the dosa and it was served hot and crisp! The comedian wondered what was happening in the video and shared his funny reaction to it. He clearly did not understand the idea of the maggi dosa and nor did we. “What is happening,” and, “Everyone is disgusted,” he said in the video. He also said that the maggi dosa was not ‘his kind of dosa’ and he also asked in the viral clip, “Why are you torturing us?”
A number of users reacted to the dosa in the comments section. “People are playing with Dosas and torturing people with their inventions,” wrote one user. “Maggi lovers in a parallel universe.” Another complained, “I don’t want people to experiment on any food. Why do they have to change the recipe that is going on for 100s of years!”
What did you think of the bizarre maggi dosa? Tell us in the comments.

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