Viral Video: Man Uses Bare Hands To Lift Fritters Out Of Hot Oil, Internet Shocked

Whether it’s about experimenting with weird food combinations or making insanely huge meals, something or the other related to food always grabs our attention. We recently came across a shocking video which has gone viral on the Internet. It is undoubtedly a sight that we rarely get to see. The clip showcased a man dipping his fingers in hot oil and frying fish fritters. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, believe it or not, it has actually happened, leaving many stunned. In the 30-second video, we see a man taking crispy fish fritters out of boiling hot oil. He later switched to a sieve. But he still picked out fritters with his bare hands first!
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So far, the clip – posted by a Twitter user Mesh – has clocked over 4.3 million views and tons of reactions. The person has credited the video to a Facebook user in the comments. “His fingertips tough af,” read the caption of the post. Watch the video here:

Reacting to the video, a user said, “I wonder if people who cook a lot somehow develop tougher/thicker skin. Because my great-grandmother used to grab chicken out of the grease with her bare hands too. I used to be like that.” 

Many have even termed it a “mental thing.”

While others were “too scared to even try it.”

“No, to me that food tastes way too good to be scared of sum little burns,” read a tweet on the microblogging site. 

Another tweeted, “Right, I literally have burn marks from frying salmon patties.” 

Before this, a man went viral on Instagram for dipping his hands in boiling hot oil and then immediately taking it out to show the dripping oil from his fingers. In the next clip, the man again dips his hand in hot oil and takes out fried chicken pieces. 

Watch the clip here:

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments.
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We advise viewers to exercise their discretion and avoid taking any such dangerous risks at home. Always follow safe practices while cooking and especially while working with hot oil. 

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