Viral Video: Man Uses Scorching Sun To Cook Egg In Bengal

Most regions of the country are currently facing record-breaking temperatures. It has also been predicted that some states will face extreme heat wave conditions in the upcoming days. Summer is in full swing and we are all facing the force of the hot weather. We sometimes joke that going out in the sun during such times makes us feel like we’re being cooked. Well, it seems like a Bengal man was inspired by this comparison, as he decided to do some actual cooking using the heat on his terrace! In a video that has since gone viral, we see him trying to fry an egg using only direct sunlight (no stove). Wondering what was the result? Read on to know.

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The video was shared on the Facebook page ‘Puchu Babu’. It starts with the camera panning upwards to show the sun shining brightly, high in the sky. We get the impression that it must be quite hot, and according to the caption, it is more than 40 degrees Celsius. We see a frying pan balanced on the ledge of the terrace such that it receives direct sunlight, unobstructed by any other object. A person’s hands holding an egg and steel spatula also comes into view. The man allows the pan to get heated for some time. He then gently cracks the egg onto it and spreads the yolk and egg white around. After some time, we see the egg beginning to get cooked! The man uses the spatula to scrape the egg off the pan and we see that it has indeed got fried.

Watch the full video below.

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As you must have noticed, the man seems to have liked the taste of this sun-cooked egg. The video has received 1.7M views and 1.4K comments so far. Many Facebook users were stunned by it. Some also reminded the man that he should avoid staying out for extended periods. Some were surprised at how the egg got cooked without oil. One user joked, “Bhai, next chicken curry please.”

What did you think of the video? Would you be interested in trying such food? tell us in the comments. 

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