Viral Video Of Family Hoarding Food At Dining Table Is Hilarious

Enjoying a delicious feast with your family is definitely a heartwarming moment for many. The aroma of the yummy food mixed with family chatter leaves your tummy and heart full. But, you cannot say the same for this family of four. A video, on Twitter, featuring a family (mother, father, son and daughter) hoarding and gobbling down their meal as if they are in a competition is going viral. At the start of the clip, we got a glimpse of their meal consisting of lettuce, sticky rice, spring onions, meat slices, some non-vegetarian gravy, and yellow dumplings. It looked like any other family enjoying their feast until the race began. The family members were seen snatching plates from each other, and hoarding as much food as possible to make their lettuce wrap. This is not it.  “Make me a member of this family and I’d be skinny by the end of the week like,” read the tweet. 

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The clip has clocked over 3.4 million views on the microblogging site. People were feeling bad for the “momma”.

A user said, “The momma only got a nibble worth of food. Oh, I’d be arguing BAD.”

Of everyone at the dining table, a few were upset with the father, who visibly hoarded the maximum food.   “The father is just big and greedy,” one of them said. 

Another wrote, “The dad picking up the plate every time got me.”

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In the middle of this, some even pointed out how the daughter shared some of her rice with her mother. “The daughter giving her mother some of her rice when she noticed her mom didn’t really get any touched me but the son and dad would have to BOX cause ain’t no way,” read a tweet. 

Echoing a similar sentiment, another added, “The daughter is the only one with decorum. taking off of her plate to give to her mother.” 

A user was amazed at how the family amid all the ruckus was able to keep their faces straight. “It’s probably a bit but how do they keep their faces straight…I’d burst out laughing every time I hear the noise of chopsticks scurrying on the plate omg.”

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Would you prefer relishing dinner with this family? 

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