Viral Video Of Indias Biggest Kadhai Milk Will Leave You Stunned

Milk is a staple in Indian households and our mothers and grandmothers often explained to us the benefits of drinking milk. Milk is used in various recipes to make tea, coffee, curd and desserts. Drinking milk is considered a good source of calcium for the body. For children who do not like to drink milk, Indian mothers prepare almond milk, cardamom milk and turmeric milk. Apart from this, dry fruits and saffron milk is prepared at Indian sweet shops, which is also known as kadai doodh or kadhai milk. Recently we have come across a viral video which is from Madhya Pradesh, Indore. In this video, India’s biggest kadai milk is prepared and this clip is going viral on social media.

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The clip of the kadai milk was shared on Instagram reels by popular blogger Amar Sirohi, also known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on the platform. “India’s Biggest Kadai Milk in Indore,” he wrote in the caption. In the clip, he showed us a few glimpses of the making of the biggest kadai milk which was from Indore. 151 liters of milk is used to prepare this kadai milk and the method of making it is so unique. This video received 32k likes and 60 comments. 

To make this kadhai milk, buffalo milk is brought from the village, which is filtered so that some impurities are separated from it. Then the milk is heated, with the help of khoya-making machine. After cooking the milk for about half an hour, saffron is added to it. 5 kg of sugar is mixed in 150 liters of milk. After this, milk is cooked by putting it in a big kadai. Cream can be seen on the edges of milk after cooking for a long time, to make it flavorful, chopped pistachios and special spices are added to milk. 

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The way to serve milk is also very special. After mixing milk with rabri in a utensil, it is poured into a glass. On this too, garnished with double layer cream, this milk is served. The cost of this one glass of milk is Rs.65. If you are planning to visit Indore then definitely try this Kadahi milk. 

Watch full video here: 

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