Viral Video: UK Chef Cooks UP-Style Aloo Bedmi, Impresses Desis

The plant-based food movement is picking up pace and many people are waking up to the benefits of it, not just for the environment but also our physical health. Indian cuisine has a plethora of options when it comes to vegetarian and vegan recipes. Thus, it has found a soft corner among vegan and vegetarian cooks all over the world. Take the UK-based chef Jake Dryan for example. Based in London, he has made it his mission to cook food from all 29 states of India. Recently, the chef made a delicious aloo sabzi using a traditional recipe from Uttar Pradesh. The internet went gaga over this video. Take a look:

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Chef Jake Dryan shared the video on his official Instagram handle @plantfuture. The video has gone viral on Instagram reels, receiving over 2.3 million views and 194k likes in a short span of time. The UK-based chef revealed that it was part of his exploration of the dishes of Uttar Pradesh, or ‘Uttar Pradesh Week’ as he called it. “I’m making Mathura ki dubki wale aloo – potatoes in tangy gravy served with bedmi puri,” he wrote in the caption.
In the clip, the UK-based chef showed how to make Mathura’s famous dubki wale aloo. For the unversed, dubki wale aloo is a spicy potato gravy made with eclectic spices and a fiery chilli tadka. The term ‘dubki’ seems to come from the Hindi word which means ‘to dip’ and refers to the potatoes dipped in this light and spicy gravy. In fact, this gravy is famous not just in Mathura but across Uttar Pradesh. It is typically savoured with kachori or bedmi puri on the side. The chef first prepared a green paste with spinach, mint and methi. Then, he added potatoes and the tadka on top and enjoyed the dish with bedmi on the side!
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Dubki wale aloo sabzi is popular across Uttar Pradesh and can be made at home easily.

Indian foodies clearly enjoyed seeing the recipe for dubki wale aloo. Several left their thoughts in the comments section of the viral video. “You are an amazing chef! A westerner who has already covered 12 states by intently learning, cooking, and loving our food,” wrote a user. “You should start a restaurant in India,” suggested another while yet another wrote, “Are you accepting applications for roommates?”
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