Viral Video: UK Chef Impresses Internet With His Thepla-Making Skills

For many Gujaratis, thepla is a quintessential snack that has to be packed when going for a family outing or a trip with friends. It requires just a handful of basic ingredients that are combined to form something magical. Theplas are the go-to breakfast for many but most of us cannot refrain from enjoying it any time of the day.  And now it seems that the popularity of theplas has been recognised by other countries as well. Recently, UK-based chef Jake Dryan was seen cooking some methi thepla from scratch, and he shared a recipe reel of the same on his Instagram page @plantfuture.
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In the clip, the chef begins by chopping some methi or fenugreek leaves and then keeping them in a bowl. He then crushes green chillies using a mortar and pestle and adds them to the chopped methi. Next, yoghurt, turmeric, and red chilli powder are added along with ajwain and sesame seeds. Some hing and salt also go into the mixture. Following this, Jake Dryan adds oil and whole wheat flour to the mixture to form a dough. He then forms small dough balls and flattens them after applying dry flour. Once the thepla gets its shape, Jake puts them on a pan to cook and the flatbreads soon turn golden brown. The chef is then seen enjoying the scrumptious methi theplas with green chilli and some chutney. Watch the video below:

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The video has gained a lot of attention on the Internet. Many users were left impressed with his skills. Offering a suggestion, one user wrote, “Methi theplas always have a lot of garlic in it too ..try it next time with some garlic”.
“You are rolling theplas like a pro,” complimented one person. 
Another said, “Thepla with tea is the best combination, Gujarat’s most famous food”.
“Your theplas look better than mine …” confessed one user
One user said, “Omggg can’t believe your rolling skill is top notch love Thepla, try with mint yoghurt or just with Garlic Chutney it’s lush”.
“Next dish dhokla (Gujarati dish),” a comment read.

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