Vloggers Hilarious Reaction To “Mouth Freshener Dosa” Goes Viral

Dosa lovers, you must be tired of people’s experiments with your beloved dish. Along with ice cream and pani puri, dosa is one of the most popular items that is often a part of bizarre combos. Just a few days back, a video showing the making of aamras dosa angered foodies (Read the full story here). But even that seems bearable compared to the latest version grabbing eyeballs online: “mouth freshener dosa.” In a recent Instagram reel, a vlogger (@thekurtaguy) shared his reaction to this puzzling dosa ‘flavour.’ We think foodies would find it highly relatable. Find out why below.
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In his bio, the vlogger claims that he is trying to “save Normal Dosas.” In his reel, he says that “Dosas are getting out of hand,” and he feels like giving up after hearing about “mouth freshener dosa.” He has shared parts of an Insta reel by @foodie_addicted_, which shows the preparation of the bizarre dosa. We see a person spreading dosa batter on a tawa and the vlogger notes that everyone does this part well. The person then spreads butter and jaggery over the dosa. He tops it all with a generous amount of what the vlogger calls “sweet sesame seeds.” On closer inspection, you would realise that it seems to be mukhwas – the sweetened seed mix Indians tend to have after meals, to aid in digestion and to refresh one’s breath. The person then cuts the dosa into triangles and the vlogger jokes, “Circular dosas are too mainstream.” He ends with an appeal to viewers to just “eat normal, plain dosa.” Watch the full video here:

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The reel has received 90.1K views so far. In the comments, foodies were left scratching their heads over the existence of this dosa. “Some of these videos should come with a warning,” said one user. A few sarcastically suggested similar dosa flavours that people may come up with. Read some of the reactions below.

“These dosas are made for enemies.”
“I feel like you deserve a decent Masala dosa after this. That was so tragic to look at.”
“If folded, it’s just a paan.”
“We have to wash our mouths after eating this mouth freshener dosa.”
“I think this dosa is made to eat after food. (Thinking of logic to control my South Indian soul.)”
“Nice torture technique for dosa lovers.”
“Too much creativity.”
“Why are they doing thisss!!???”
“Our ancestors are crying.”
“Thank God he didn’t serve it with chutney and sambar.”

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What do you think of this dosa?

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