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Despite knowing that sitting all day in a particular place can take a toll on our health, most of us do nothing about it. It is not an easy task to do rigorous exercise regularly, but even if you are at work doing your job, the sad news is that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be dangerous for your health.

Not all jobs allow you to take frequent breaks and stay fit, so you have to ensure your fitness by looking for ways to stay healthy and active while at work.

Here are 5 ways you can stay healthy and fit at work:

1. Desk stretches

Stretching is a type of movement that improves joint control and range of motion. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to keep active and remind your muscles that they need to do their duties, particularly when it comes to postural support and control.

2. Commute actively

If you drive to the office, make sure to walk to your workplace and take the stairs instead. Stairs are a great way to burn calories for free! Climbing the stairs can also help increase your stamina, endurance and strengthen your leg muscles.

3. Stand whenever possible

If possible stand while attending to phone calls or discussing matters with colleagues, make it a walk-and-talk meeting. 

4. Make the most of your breaks

Get outside your office when on break and take a walk to the nearest tea stall or for a small snack.

5. Keep up your posture

Sitting on an upright chair for the whole day or even part of the day will inevitably help you burn calories by keeping your core, back and shoulder muscles engaged and by this encouraging you to shift your body constantly.

Lastly, this one should not be the hard one but it strangely becomes- drink water! Keep in mind that drinking more water also means you’ll have to get up and visit the washroom more frequently which can help you keep you moving throughout the day.

Finding time to exercise in the morning may not be possible for everyone so the least we all can do is to stay active while at work to negate the ill effects of sitting all day long.

With a little effort, you can keep your body moving and your mind sharp throughout the day.

(This article is meant for informational purposes only and must not be considered a substitute for advice provided by  qualified medical professionals.)

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