Watch: Bloggers Try Viral Lays Omelette Hack. Their Reaction Tells If It Failed or Passed

One can make delicious recipes from eggs. They are easy to make and simply delicious in taste. Plain omelette, sunny side up, egg bhurji, steamed eggs, boiled eggs, etc., there are many ways to cook eggs. Since egg is such a versatile food, people don’t hesitate from experimenting with it. Some time back, a video of cooking omelette in Lays packet went viral which left the internet surprised. And we just came across this viral video around the same hack. In the video, two food bloggers have recreated the viral You Tube Lays omelette. See if the hack passed the test or failed.

The video was posted on Instagram handle, ‘n_i_k_Kakkar’. The video shows the food bloggers discussing about the trend and playing the original You Tube video along with it. They begin with opening a packet of Lays, and crush the chips inside. Further they add chopped onion, tomato, and green chilis in the packet and also add two eggs in it. They mix all the ingredients and place the packet in boiling water so that the omelette gets cooked with the steam.

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Once cooked, they slice the omelette into small pieces and taste it. With their reaction, you can make out that the viral Lays omelet tasted good.

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Many people were shocked after seeing the unusual way of making omelette in the packet of Lays. A user pointed out the harmful effects of cooking in plastic; he commented, “It’s not good for health because when you cook this with polythene, some polythene crystal gets mixed with the food which is not good for health.”

Another user commented, “Aise kaam karte hi kyu ho jisko justify karne ke liye itna caption likha pade!? Aap ko video recommend hua ho but, you ignore and move on. Khudh ko video banana jaruri hai kya? Stupidity.” (Why do you do such things, where you have to provide justification? When you are aware that this is an unhealthy method to cook, then why did you promote it?)

What do you think about this viral cooking hack? Do give your feedback in the comment section below.

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