Watch: Chef Prepares Pizza Worth Rs. 1.63 Lakh For Her Celeb Client, Video Goes Viral

Pizza is all things easy, breezy and cheesy. This Italian delight has the power to bring life back to our taste buds. After a long day at work, a plate of pizza with oodles of cheese and our favourite toppings can never go wrong. Agree? Now, what if we tell you that a chef has prepared a $2000 (approx 1.63 lakh) pizza for a celebrity client? Oh yes, you read that right. Chef Brooke Baevsky has shared some videos too. In one Instagram reel, we see her buying organic figs, adaptogenic mushroom powder, organic almonds, sprouted gluten-free flour blends, and other expensive ingredients. Her total at the store comes to around $1000 (Rs. 81,700 approx). Well, that’s not all. For the pizza, she also shipped some organic manuka honey from New Zealand as well as some caviar. She added that she used vegan pesto, which contains 24-carat gold flakes, for the toppings.
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Check out the complete video below:

In another clip, she is seen presenting her impressive pizza to her client. We could spot cherry tomatoes and refreshing greens along with the rest of the fancy toppings:

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Both reels have got over 130K views on Instagram. In the comments, it was evident that this pizza greatly triggered the curiosity of a lot of people. Many couldn’t help but ask, “Why does anyone need a 2k pizza?”

A user went on to add, “Can’t be better than a slice from NYC [New York City].”
Some wanted to know more about the celebrity client.
A person was in complete awe of the “Lavender Haze and pizza” combination.
A few declared it “delicious” on the social media platform. 
In the middle of this, a user said, “I would rather spend 2k on a flight to Italy for pizza.”
A user, who loves his pizza slice with lots of cheese, asked, “Do your clients ever ask for cheese cheese?”
“I want to taste it so bad because it did not look yummy at all,” read a comment.

So what do you have to say about this expensive delicacy?
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