Watch: Funny Video Introduces Us To Sunflower Biryani, Hibiscus Paratha And Lot More

Viral food pairings have often left the Internet in dismay. While bizarre food combinations continue to pop up every now and then, flowers have also jumped into the scene. Across the world, flowers signify many things – from representing abundance, purity, and beauty, to divinity, and romance. Like fruits, spices, vegetables, nuts, and leaves, flowers also provide us with nutrition. India’s culinary history shows that flowers have been used for balancing tastes, fragrances, for therapeutic purposes, and even to improve the aesthetic appeal of a dish. Now, a vvideo has taken a hilarious take on this fusion of food and flowers. The video has been posted on Instagram by content creator and comedian Vivid, who refers to himself as ‘The Kurta Guy’.

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The clip opens with a man eating a rose, which has been fried with a spicy mix of masala. Next, we can see vividh, sitting in his ‘garden-cafe’ and asking for the food options available there. In reply, the waiter (which is again portrayed by Vivid) said, “Rose 65, sunflower biryani, butter lily and hibiscus paratha”. Vividh replied, “I’ll have Jasmine masala with extra petals.”

“You’ll get complementary genda kheer as well,” he got a reply from the other side. 

Alongside the video, the content creator wrote, “Which is your favourite flower to eat? Today we react to #flowers being sold as #streetfood. Does this rose look #yummy for #foodblogger #foodie guys what do you think? these #reels are #trending a lil too much these days and is quite #funny unlike #thekurtaguy.” 

Watch the video here:

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The video has so far amassed over 3.6 million views and a bunch of hilarious reactions from Instagram users. One of them said, “If you had given the same rose to a girl, you wouldn’t have been single now.” Another wrote, “What’s wrong with this world.”

People were also of the opinion that the only flower they will eat will be cauliflower. A user commented, “Cauliflower only!! Cauliflower onlyyyyyyy.” “Gone are the days when cauliflower was the only flower we ate,” reacted an individual. 

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