Watch: Have You Seen Orange Colour Coconut? A Food Blogger Spotted It

Coconut water is one of the best things to quell thirst in summer. The refreshing drink is full of electrolytes which hydrate and energise the body. While coconut is a tropical fruit and is mostly available in coastal areas, it is just as easily available in other parts of the country. The green-coloured coconut is a pure delight but have you seen a coconut in orange colour?! A food blogger spotted a street vendor selling orange coconut and shared a video of it on Instagram.

What Is An Orange Coconut?

Also called ‘King Coconut’, orange coconut is a mature and more ripened variety of coconuts found in South Asian regions. Vlogger Nikhiil Chawla tried the orange coconut in Sri Lanka, and it was priced at 140 Sri Lankan Rupees. It looked smaller than the usual green coconut and the vlogger said it tasted different. He further shared that a compound called carotenoid gives the coconut its orange colour. 

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Are orange coconuts good?

Carotenoids are known to boost immunity and lower risks of health issues like heart problems and improve eye health. Orange nuts contain nutrients like vitamin C, folate and potassium, which are also good for immunity and overall health. 

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The vlogger shared the video on his Instagram page ‘hmm_nikhil’ and many comments suggested that the coconut is available in some parts of India as well. Check some of the comments here:
“Chennai mein bhi milta hai orange coconut.” (Orange coconut is available in Chennai also.”
“In Karnataka, we call it Kendna or kencha Elaneeru.”
“Bro we get this coconut in Goa also.”
“Hyderabad me bhi milta hai” (It’s available in Hyderabad also.)
One user also revealed that it is cheaper in India. 

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