Watch: Internet Is Not Happy How Their Favourite Aam Papad Is Made. See Reactions

Also called the king of fruits, mangoes are enjoyed by everyone around the world. With a number of varieties to offer like Alphonso, Chaunsa, Dashehari, Langra, Kesar, Totapuri, etc., India leads the production of mangoes in the world. This sweet and sour fruit is juicy and pulpy, which makes it best to be eaten in the summer season. The love for mangoes is such that we have made a myriad of interesting delights with mangoes and one such yummy treat is Aam Papad. In India, aam papad candy is much-loved by a lot of people, but many still don’t know how it is made. Lately, a video has been doing rounds on the internet that showcases the production of aam papad. 

The video was posted on the Instagram handle ‘foodexplorerlalit’ and shows people making aam papad from scratch. First, they start with peeling mangoes and making a puree of the mango pulp in a machine. Further, they add sugar to it and mix it with their hands. Going ahead, the workers pour the puree on a dry leaf sheet and spread it with their bare hands. Once the sheets are sundried, they are packed properly for sale.

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Atop the video, the Instagram user has written, “Most famous mango papad.”

Instagram users could not resist sharing their thoughts on the ignored hygiene levels for preparing aam papad. One of the users wrote, “RIP Hygiene,” and another user wrote, “The hygiene is ZERO!”

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Another user wished she had not seen this video; she commented, “Yeah, I kinda didn’t need to see the production of it. I wish I could unsee it honestly. Doesn’t look very sanitary… too many hands touching it… No one’s washing their hands at all. I think I will start making my own from now on.”

Meanwhile, some people supported the hard work of the workers. A user commented, “Aaj har chiz ki video insta pe dal jati h to hygiene, hygiene krte rehte ho …. Jab kuch ni tha tab bhi ye sb khate th aur bhut ache se khate the, vo kitna hard work kr re h vo ni dikhra. (People are talking about hygiene in the comments, but before they saw this video, they were still eating it. People cannot see the hard work of these people.)”

Another user shared, “Hygiene…. they all are hardworking Village people that’s why they live life more than us. And we are always thinking about hygiene, but we might die before 35.”

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