Watch: Kulcha Or Pizza? Street Food Stall Sells Unique Pizza That Desis Would Love

Of all the pizzas in the world, Indian-style pizzas attract us the most. The familiar desi flavour in the cheesy Italian delight is the perfect recipe to win our hearts. If you agree with us then you have to know about this street food stall in Jammu that is famous for its unique desi pizza. They sell kulcha pizza, which they also call ‘kalari naan’ pizza. Our love for both stuffed kulcha and pizza is combined in this special street food. And what really makes it special is the use of local kalari cheese.

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Kalari cheese, also called Dogra cheese, is a traditional Indian ripened cheese, which is indigenous to Jammu and surrounding regions. It has a similar texture to that of paneer, but it is a little sourer in taste. Kalari kulcha is a popular snack in Jammu, and pizza made out of this kulcha was sure to be a hit. This pizza is sold by Gulshan Naan House, and its video was posted by food blogger Saurabh on his Instagram handle ‘thatdelhifoodie’.

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The video shows how pizza is made in the street food stall. The vendor rolls out dough balls, fills them with kalari cheese and rolls them again to make a round base. He rubs his special masala on the base and beats it with his hands to flatten it. Then the base goes into the tandoor to cook for five minutes to make a crispy pizza base. 

The base is then smeared with desi ghee (remember, it’s supposed to be desi pizza) and pizza sauce. Toppings of chopped onions, capsicum, carrots, corns and mozzarella cheese are spread on it. It is seasoned with garam masala. The vendor wraps the edges of the base with aluminium foil and keeps it in tandoor over burning coal to bake. 

When it is taken out, it surprisingly looks like regular pizza. The vendor cuts it into slices with a pizza cutter and serves it warm.

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This is so tempting that we can’t wait to visit this street food stall next time we are in Jammu. Meanwhile, we are satiating our cravings with these 7 desi-style pizza recipes.

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