Watch: Man Makes Dosa With KitKat – Want To Give It A Try?

Dosa is undoubtedly one of the most loved South Indian delicacies. This crispy desi crepe is typically paired with sambar and chutney and is eaten for breakfast. Be it a classic masala dosa, neer dosa, or rava dosa, we all love dosa in all its varieties. However, many people are often seen experimenting with this humble dish to create unique combinations. From ice cream dosa to aamras dosa, there are plenty of such bizarre recipes on the internet. Adding to the list, this time it’s KitKat dosa. Internet users had mixed reactions to this food combination.

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A video showcasing a unique dish called “KitKat dosa” was posted on Instagram by user @thegreatindianfoodie. The video features a man pouring dosa batter on a tawa, adding chocolate sauce and garnished cheese on top, followed by pieces of KitKat. He then rolls the dosa into small cylindrical shapes and tops it with more chocolate sauce, KitKat, and shredded cheese. The post’s caption reads, “Kya aap chocolate dosa with KitKat and cheese try karenge?” (Will you try the chocolate dosa with Kit Kat and cheese?) You can watch the full video here:

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Since being shared, the video has received over 226K views, 5.6K likes, and several comments. Many people have cringed after seeing this bizarre food combination and expressed their dissatisfaction with the dish in the comments section. However, some people were willing to give this combination a shot. Check out some of the comments below:

“South Indians after seeing this (cringe emoji).”
Food licence cancel karwao bhai inka (Cancel their food licence, brother).”
“I would definitely try this! This is like a gluten free sweet crepe.”
Ek zeher dosa bhi laga dena bhai iske baad (Brother, give some poison dosa as well after this).”
“I sincerely refuse to agree to this preparation.”
“Where is this shop? I want to taste it as I love chocolate varieties.”
“Enough internet for today.”
Tohba tohba saara mood kharab kar diya (Oh dear, the entire mood has been ruined).”
“Mmm love it.”
Paap chadega tum logo ko paap. Bhagwan ko kya jawab doge (You will be guilty of sin. What answer will you give to God)?”
“Use this comment as a dislike button.”

What do you think of this dosa? Would you try it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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