Watch: Man Used AI To Create Pizza Ad, “Brilliantly Creepy,” Says Internet

We now have a range of AI-powered tools at our disposal and many people are experimenting with them. AI-generated art, fiction, solutions and more have impressed the Internet and have left some worried about the consequences. Two weeks back, a tweet about using AI to create an in-depth meal plan went viral (read the full story here). People were surprised at how comprehensive the results were. Now, a different type of AI creation has caught the interest of Twitter users. This one shows a 30-second ad for a fictional pizza outlet and includes a voiceover as well as a tagline! Find out more below.

The video was created and shared by Twitter user @Pizza_Later. The video starts with a few pizza visuals while the voiceover says, “Are you ready for best pizza of life? Bring friends down to Pepperoni Hug Spot.” It continues to describe the offerings and mentions that they use “Cheese, pepperoni, vegetable and secret things” in their pizzas. We see footage of families enjoying pizza as well as chefs making the dish. The imaginary pizza place also offers delivery, according to the ad. But what caught out attention was the brand motto AI provided at the end: “It’s like family but with more cheese.” In the caption, the creator said, “Definitely wasted 3 hours of my life making this today… Everything is AI from the VO to the video and images.” Check out the complete video below:

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The tweet has received 84.5K views, so far. Many Twitter users were fascinated by the ad, while a few found it rather unsettling. Some also pointed out certain drawbacks and strange features that stood out to them. Check out some of the reactions below.

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