Watch: Nagpur Street Vendor Makes Unique Heart-Shaped Dosa

Dosa is what has introduced many of us to South Indian cuisine. The thin Indian crepe is light, scrumptious, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether you kick off your day with a plain dosa for breakfast or have the masala one for dinner, this delight will always satisfy you. When paired with piping hot sambar and some white coconut chutney, dosa tastes absolutely heavenly, and every time we are left asking for more. Dosas can vary in size, taste, and sometimes slightly in colour too. But have you ever seen a heart-shaped dosa? If not, then this video of a vendor making one such dosa will definitely win your heart.
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In the clip shared on Instagram, the vendor first spreads the dosa batter on the pan and starts adding vegetables to it, including tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and a variety of spices. Following this, the man adds sauces and condiments to the dosa, mixing everything together. Generous amounts of cheese are then grated over the dosa before the man skillfully cuts it into a heart shape. The crispy delight is finally garnished with coriander and served hot, accompanied by chutneys on the side. You can watch the full video here:

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No, this is not the first time someone has innovated South Indian food. In a previous video, a woman in Chennai showcased her creativity by making Spider-Man dosa. In the clip, she pours dosa batter from a bottle, but with a unique twist. Instead of spreading the batter evenly, she drizzles it in a circular motion, creating a web-like dosa base. She repeats the process to make another dosa and adds egg wash, cheese, vegetable keema, and other fillings, along with chili flakes and oregano. Once both dosas are prepared, she sandwiches them together and serves the delightful creation with ketchup.

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