Watch: New Organic Restaurant In Lucknow Inaugurated By Cow

Lucknow just got its first organic restaurant and it was launched in a unique way. It was inaugurated by a cow. News agency ANI posted on Twitter a video of the launch of the restaurant. The family restaurant is called ‘Organic Oasis’ and it will serve foods made from organic farming produce. The video shows the cow draped in a yellow garment, entering the restaurant to inaugurate. The staff of the restaurant, wearing T-shirts with the logo ‘Organic Oasis’, hug the cow and pat it as the onlookers clap. The staff also feeds food to the cow from a large bowl. 

Watch the video:

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ANI reveals that the restaurant is owned by former Deputy SP Shailendra Singh. He told ANI, “Our agriculture and economy are dependent on cows, so we had our restaurant inaugurated by ‘Gaumata’.”

Eating healthy and organic food is the current trend among health-conscious people. Adulterated food grown with the help of chemical fertilisers and pesticides can be quite harmful to health. Shailendra Singh further said, “I think this will be the first such restaurant in India that will have its own production, control, and processing. After having the food, people will be able to feel the difference and demand for it.”

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The pictures in the tweet show that the menu of the restaurant will include Indian as well as international foods that are common in the country. Chole kulche, burgers, coffee and more items are on the menu. Another picture shows the use of organic ingredients like dal and atta in the kitchen to make the food.

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