Watch: People Roll Belan On Stomach To Reduce Belly Fat, Internet In Splits

Losing weight can be a herculean task and the success depends on several factors. Diet and exercise play a crucial role here and many of us spend hours at the gym and tweak our eating habits to look more toned. From giving up fried foods and gorging on boiled eggs to cutting back on sugar, we try it all but still sometimes fail to succeed. These days new methods are emerging with the claim that they can effectively help lose weight. While some of these methods involve taking special drinks and foods, others can be quite bizarre.

A video has been doing rounds on the Internet that shows a group of people using a belan or a rolling pin apparently to lose weight. Rolling pin is a common kitchen implement, however, in this video, it was being used not to cook food but to shed stubborn belly fat. In the clip, shared on Twitter, a group of men and women are seen repeatedly rolling the belan on their bellies as instructors guide them. Further in the video, we see the people using scalp massagers and other tools and then even dancing at one point. The idea was to reduce belly fat in a bizarre yet hilarious manner.

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Shared by user @chiragbarjatyaa, the clip collected more than eight lakh views on the platform and prompted a number of reactions.

“What the hell is this … and people pay,” a person said.

“Dancing and massaging..they look happy… Lifting weights is not the only way to remain fit,” a comment read.

Another user wrote, “Imagine paying ‘fees’ for doing this”.

“That’s not an issue if someone wants to join this type of workshop. I feel troubled when they ask me to say affirmative things about this thing and I can’t say lie,” a person shared.

“People will do everything apart from reducing sugars and exercising daily,” one user commented.

Another joked, “All gyms closing down after seeing this”.

“We will reach the stone age once again,” a reaction read.

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