Watch: Soup Cooked For 50 Years? This Bangkok Restaurants Video Is Going Viral

Nothing beats an authentic, age-old recipe. You can find restaurants, cafes and kiosks all over the world that are known for their unique way of cooking food. These places have become famous because they’ve held on to secret and traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. One such place that’s creating a buzz on the internet is a restaurant in Bangkok that has been cooking soup in the same broth for over 50 years while fresh meat and tripe are added to the soup daily. Yes, that’s right!

A video of the restaurant was recently posted on Instagram by the user ‘tonsil’. The video shows the restaurant owner stirring a massive wok of soup filled with meat, vegetables and broth. Customers can be seen slurping the noodles and broth from large bowls.

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The Instagram user who posted the video stated that “This soup has been cooking for 50 years. Wattana Panich is one of Bangkok’s most famous restaurants. They have kept the same pot of broth simmering for 50 years by 3 generations of family. Each day fresh meat and tripe are added.”

While some people expressed concerns about the hygiene of the food in the comment section, others defended the restaurant, stating that the soup is always boiling hot, preventing bacteria from growing.

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An Instagram user wrote, “Wattana Panich in Bangkok has been cooking its soup in the same broth for almost 50 years. The great big pot of soup has been simmering away in the same broth for almost five decades while fresh meat and tripe are added to the soup daily.”

Some shared their concerns about the hygiene of the food in the comment section. A user said, “What about the “old meat” on the bottom of the pot, or like what if a dead fly is in there still. Nah I don’t care if it “keeps boiling.” Another used commented, “I love the concept of this, but you all do know a lot of bacteria are heat stable right? That’s why you can still get food poisoning even after reboiling foods. Depending on endotoxins/ enterotoxins.”

While there were some who defended the restaurant. One user commented, “I’m seeing so many people comment about their health concerns, the soup never stops boiling, so any bacteria that would grow in leftovers normally cannot grow in a soup that is always boiling hot, it’s not so hard to understand.” Whereas, another user said, “Can you imagine the depth of flavour in this stock 50 years never turned off !! As a chef I would try it.”

This ancient way of cooking soup has been used for generations and is said to have originated from the fact that fires were difficult to start in the past. Keeping the fire going and never letting it out meant that soups and stews could cook for days while fresh ingredients and firewood were added.

Overall, the video has generated quite a buzz, and people are curious to try this famous soup for themselves. What do you think about this unique restaurant and its 50-year-old soup recipe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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