Watch: Street Vendor Makes Sushi Ice Cream, Internet Says “Bhagwan Se Daro”

Ice cream is one of the best ways to get relief from the scorching heat during the summer season. Whether it’s a scoop of your favourite chocolate ice cream or a fruit-flavoured one, it defines indulgence in the true sense. However, people often experiment with ice cream in numerous ways, and the internet is filled with such food experimentation attempts. From tandoori chicken ice cream to ice cream pani puri, we’ve seen it all! Adding to the list, this time it’s sushi ice cream. Yes, you heard that right! We recently came across a video that shows a street vendor making this strange ice cream, and foodies are definitely not happy.

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A video of the making of this bizarre sushi ice cream was shared on Instagram by the user @thegreatindianfoodie. In the clip, we can see a man placing sushi on an ice cream platform, pouring vanilla ice cream on top of it, and chopping the sushi to combine everything together. He then spreads the mixture evenly and rolls it into ice cream rolls, before serving it with wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger. The caption of the video reads, “All my sushi and ice cream lovers, this is for you.” You can watch the full video here:

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It seems that this bizarre combination didn’t go well with sushi and ice cream lovers, alike. Since it was posted, the video has received over 102K views and 2.5K likes so far. Many people have expressed their disgust over this strange ice cream in the comments section. Check out some of the reactions below:

Isliye alien dharti pe nahi aate (That’s why aliens do not come to earth).”

Bhai zeher wali ice cream bhi banalo aur sabko khila do (Brother, make poisonous ice cream as well and feed it to everyone).”

Bhagwan se daro, narak mein bhi jagah nahi milegi (Be afraid of God, you won’t find a place even in hell)”

“Out of all the disgusting ice creams here, this has to be the worst.”

Hey bhagwan kya zulm hai (Oh God, how cruel it is).”

“RIP sushi.”

Sushi barbaad kar di (Sushi has been ruined).”

Inke wajah se ice cream band na hojaye India mein (Because of them, ice cream should not get banned in India).”

What do you think of this sushi ice cream? Would you try it? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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