Watch: Street Vendor Sells KFC-Style Fried Chicken For Rs 10

Indian street food has drastically evolved over the years. Now, not only authentic Indian foods like pani puri, samosa, and vada pav are available but also International dishes like pizza, pasta, and burgers have made their way to the Indian streets. You must have seen many videos trending on social media showcasing street food vendors selling traditional food but you might not have seen something so unique like this. A video of a street vendor selling KFC-style chicken is doing the rounds on the Internet.

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The video was posted on the Instagram handle ‘therealharryuppal’. The video shows the blogger asking the street vendor if the low pricing of his fried chicken was a joke. To which the vendor responds by saying, “Mazak nahi hai, bilkul sach hai, 10 Rs main KFC chicken milta hai”. (It’s not a joke, in just Rs 10, you get KFC chicken.) Meanwhile, we can also see the vendor preparing the chicken. He can be seen mixing the boneless chicken pieces in spices and then putting them in bread crumbs.

Further, the street vendor explains that KFC means ‘Kamra Fried Chicken’ and that he uses 100 percent chicken breast pieces to make the fried chicken.

Instagram users could not resist sharing their thoughts on this. One of the users wrote, “How’s it profitable?”

Another user wrote, “Bai log 10rs piece hai . Plate nahi. (Guys its 10 rs per piece not plate.)”

Whereas another user commented, “10 Rs piece hai plate nhi koi galat mat samaj lena vaise. Mai vegetarian hu (Guys it’s Rs 10 per piece, not plate. By the way I am vegetarian.)

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