Watch: Street Vendor Sells Kulfi Wrapped In 24-Carat Gold Leaf – Would You Try It?

Kulfi is one of the most beloved treats during the summer season. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also helps to keep us cool from the scorching heat. Whether it’s malai kulfi, pista kulfi, mango kulfi, or any other variation, we love kulfi in all its forms. Its rich and creamy texture is quite hard to resist. However, have you ever tried a kulfi wrapped in gold leaf? Yes, you heard it right! Recently, we stumbled upon a video that shows a street vendor selling “gold kulfi” in Indore. This kulfi is wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf and has captured attention on the internet.

A video of “gold kulfi” was shared on Instagram by user @mammi_ka_dhaba. The clip shows a man adorned with gold chains, rings, and bracelets. At the beginning of the video, he pulls out a kulfi stick from his ice cream freezer and rolls it gently with his hands. He then removes its wrapper and wraps it in 24-carat gold leaf. According to @mammi_ka_dhaba, this vendor sells kulfi at Prakash Kulfi in Sarafa Bazar, Indore, and it is priced at Rs. 351. This suggests that the gold leaf may not be real. You can watch the full video here:

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Doesn’t that look amazing? Since its sharing, the video has received over 657K views, 34.5K likes, and numerous comments. Although the concept of wrapping kulfi with gold is fascinating, internet users had different opinions. One person wrote, “Waste of money.” Another person wrote, “Faaltu ekdum (Completely useless).” “Loot,” added another. A fifth person wrote, “Hope no one robs this guy.”

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We have seen street vendors using gold leaf in food on previous occasions. Recently, a blogger tried a unique beverage called “21 carat gold tea” in Lucknow. The video shows the preparation of the tea, which is then topped with gold leaf. You can read all about it here.

What do you think about this kulfi? Would you try it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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