Watch: Street Vendor Sells Rajasthani Mutton Cooked With Alcohol, Suprises Internet

Authentic curries are the star of Indian cuisine. Butter chicken, paneer butter masala, aloo curry, or chicken curry – every curry that you eat is prepared with a different cooking method. But one thing that is common is the rich taste of Indian spices and their heavenly aroma. You must have seen many videos trending on social media showcasing street food vendors selling traditional food but you might not have seen something so unique like this. A video of a street vendor making Rajasthani mutton cooked with alcohol is doing the rounds on the Internet.

The video was posted on the Instagram handle ‘therealharryuppal’. The video shows a street vendor cooking Rajasthani mutton curry with alcohol. You can see the vendor holding a bottle of alcohol which he pours into teja and kasuri methi mixed with a lot of spices. He states that the bottle contains 37.5 percent alcohol. He starts by adding oil in a hot pot, then adds raw spices, chopped onions, and 10 kg mutton. Further, he adds 3 kg of garlic puree and gives it a good mix. That’s not all, he adds the alcohol and spice mixture into the main pot and cooks it with the meat.

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Atop the video, the Instagram user has written, “Do Peg+Mutton Leg”.

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Instagram users could not resist sharing their thoughts on this street vendor’s unique style of making mutton curry. One of the users wrote, “Heat evaporates the alcohol, what is the use of adding it?”

While another user commented, “Rajasthani main pyaz padega hi nahi jyada.” (So much onion is not used in the Rajasthani dish)

Another user shared that he cannot control his craving for mutton after watching the video; the user commented, “Aare ye sab video mat dala karo…Raha nhi jata mutton ka naam sun kar.”

What do you think about this method of cooking mutton curry? Do let us know in the comments section.

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