Watch: This Easy Green Spinach Pasta Recipe Combines Health And Taste In One Plate

Pasta is a universally loved food that’s easy to make and can be enjoyed with a variety of different ingredients. This comfort food is also a quick and easy option for busy weeknight dinners. One of the best things about pasta is you can make it anyway to match your preferences. In the mood for something creamy? Make white sauce pasta. Want added nutrition to your meal? Mix and match different vegetables, meats and sauces to create a dish that’s tailored to your taste. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pasta recipes.

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What can you add to plain pasta?

If you are one of those who like pasta combined with vegetables, then mushrooms, capsicum, broccoli, carrots and even spinach are some of the great options to consider. Here we picked the lesser-known recipe of spinach pasta, which is just as easy and delicious as all other variations.

Is spinach pasta good for you?

Spinach pasta is a simple yet delicious option that’s perfect for a quick and healthy meal. Not only is it packed with nutrients like iron and calcium, but it also adds a vibrant green colour and a uniquely pungent flavour to your meal.

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How To Make Pasta Step By Step I Easy Spinach Pasta Recipe:

This must-try spinach pasta recipe was shared by food vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel. Here, we have noted down the step-by-step recipe for you.

Step 1: Boil penne pasta, strain, run it through cold water and keep it aside.

Step 2: Heat some butter in a pan and add chopped onions till they soften. Then add about 2 tbsp of flour (maida) and let it roast well. Then add some milk and combine well.

Step 3: Add spinach leaves, and let it cook. Toss in the boiled pasta, season with salt to taste. Also add fresh cream, some grated cheese, and pasta seasonings of oregano and chilli flakes.

Step 4: Add a dash of water so that the pasta doesn’t turn out too dry. Once the water is also boiled well and you get the right consistency, it’s time to serve!

Watch the complete recipe video of spinach pasta here:

So next time you’re in the mood for pasta, give this healthier spinach pasta recipe a try. It is a tasty way to add the healthy green vegetable to your diet.

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