Watch: This Indore Eatery Reveals The Secret Behind Yummy Dal Bafla

If you are a food aficionado, Indore is one destination you must visit. Be it Mawa Bati or Khatta Samosa, the city is famous for its delicacies. Now, a clip has surfaced on social media that will surely make you want to pack your bags for a short trip to this foodie’s paradise. So what are we going to talk about today? Presenting Indore’s dal bafla. Wondering how this delicious dish is prepared? The clip shows the vendor of an eatery using different types of flours to prepare the Dal Bafla. The dough is kneaded into balls (called baflas), which are boiled and then cooked in a desi oven. The baflas are then fried in ghee and served with dal. Screams yummilicious from miles away? 

Tip: You will have to eat dal bafla by crushing the balls with your fingers and then pouring the dal all over it. 

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The video has, of course, triggered the taste buds of people who couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their reviews in the comments.

 “Will try,” a comment read.

A person wrote, ”Ye toh bahut acha lag raha hai. Jarur try krenge ek baar (This looks very good. We will definitely try it once).”

Someone declared that “daal bafla or hari lal chatni is love (Daal Bafla plus green red chutney equals love)”.

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Dal Bafla is a ball of baked dough that is served with some dal. The dish is made in Madhya Pradesh and is essentially similar to the Rajasthani Dal Baati

If your mouth has started watering after watching this video, we suggest you to make this dish at home right away. We have a simple recipe of dal bafla to help you. 

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