Watch: This UK Bakery Offers Free Bagels, But On One Funny Condition

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious baked treat? The warm and inviting sweet smell of freshly-baked goodies is enough to draw us instantly. We love to visit our nearby bakeries and savour our favourite breads, pies, cakes and muffins. If we told you your local bakery was offering free food, what would your reaction be? To what extent would you go to get your hands on the free food? This is exactly what a UK-based bakery did recently! They offered free bagels to their customers but on one condition – they would have to perform a silly dance to get it.
Watch the full video of this funny story here:

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The clip was shared on Instagram by the bakery named Bagels and Schmear, located in Radlett, United Kingdom. The bakery had put up a notice near their door that read, “Do a silly dance walking in. If we like it, bagel chips on us!” A number of customers put on their dancing shoes and showed some hilarious moves to the bakery owner. “Thanks for all the lols this weekend. We bloody love you lot,” read the caption to the video.
The UK bakery’s innovative concept garnered plenty of attention on the internet. It raked in over 44.3k views and 2.1k likes since the time it was posted. Several reacted and commented on the adorable video too. “What a great idea! Need things like this for the laughs in life,” said one user. “Thanks for giving us such amazing content and making us feel human again,” laughed another one while another user exclaimed, “You made my weekend – my husband is in this!!”
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